CPT Capital is defined by the companies we invest in. From the breakthrough biomimicry methods of Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat, to Upside Foods cultivated meat revolution, our portfolio companies are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom.

A selection of our portfolio companies can be seen below:



Plant-Based Proteins

Derived from plant sources (such as pea, bean, lupin, hemp etc.) optimised for taste, texture and nutrition to biomimic animal meat, egg, and dairy products.

Biomass Fermentation

Multiplying of fast-growing, single cells of non-animal origin (e.g., mycoprotein, algae etc.) and used as functional proteins in the replication of meat, egg and dairy.

Recombinant Proteins

Growing animal proteins (such as casein, whey, gelatin etc) without the animal. Specific animal proteins with known functions are grown via precision fermentation, molecular farming or plant cell culture.


Growing complete cells of animal origin (such as animal muscle, fat and skin) in a nutrient-rich culture medium.

Enabling Technologies

Development of the necessary technologies and supporting infrastructure required to facilitate the transition away from a slaughtered-meat based food system.


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